July 30, 2017


Customized Health Care Plans

Managed Health care plans for companies and groups, covering medical services for a fixed annual subscription.
Smart provides this program through many insurance companies according to the needs of each individual company, thus ensuring appropriate medical program for the company.

Summary of benefits:

Inpatient treatment

  • A Hospital accommodation
  • Surgeons, Anesthesia, Assistants, Nursing Fees
  • One day surgery
  • Ambulance expenses in case of Emergency

Outpatient Treatment

  • Out Patient Clinics , Private Clinics , Consultants
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Regular medicines
  • Physiotherapy

Optional Benefits

  • Dental
  • Chronic Medication
  • Maternity
  • Optical
  • Critical Cases ( Cancer – Cardiac Surgery- Hepatic And Renal Failure)

Self Funded Schemes

Self funded program is designed to reduce medical care expenditure, ensuring flexibility and control in benefits Allows tailoring of health care plans based on specific needs of the employer


  • Access to preferred provider network
  • Diversity in medical services
  • Utilization review
  • Medical Consultation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Involve employers in the decision-making process
  • Modify your plan however and whenever necessary

Industrial Medicine

Smart Medical Services provide its services as a service property, not as an intermediary for services. It has all its own medical facilities (medical labs, radiation equipment, environmental measuring equipment, etc.), which directly reflects positively on the quality, and cost of service provided.

Smart Medical Services has all the necessary licenses and approvals for practicing the medical and administrative profession.

After extensive research to identify the areas of risk and occupational diseases of various sectors (service – productivity – industrial) SMART was able to devise a study on methods of identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various sectors. This study turned into a scientific and practical implementation program, SMART for Occupational Health.

Medical industries Program from Smart is the first and only specialized program in occupational safety and health, medical examinations, treatment and the protection of the work environment from all aspects.

The main objective of the SMART program is to investigate the deviation in the health of workers exposed to different work risks, and contribute to their protection and treatment and protect them from such risks, thus provide a balanced work environment compatible with the physical and psychological abilities of the worker, which transfer the level of service from treatment to illness to avoid disease through analysis Professional, and health risks,  and then work to avoid the causes.



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